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When you hear Jill say “Welcome to my Website,” be assured that this is her way of including you in on her exclusive system – the way of looking incredibly great everyday. When you use Jill’s products you get the sense that you’re hanging out with your best friend; the girl in the know; the authority who lovingly shares her tips and advice, the expert who can’t wait to tell you how you, too, can look your best every day of your life.

To quote Jill, "I've designed a unique and innovative color system for your wardrobe and your makeup that's entirely based on your present hair color - Deep Brunette, Warm Blonde, Golden Brown & Red, and Ash Blonde, Platinum & Gray. It's fun, it's simple and it works! I've put together a wallet sized swatch book filled with fabric of all the best shades of every color for each hair color group. You use this swatch book as a guide to shop for everything from tees and trousers to party dresses and stilettos. In addition, I've created mineral based, fragrance free makeup kits with all your best shades for the eyes, cheeks and lips."

Jill’s Swatch Book is the ‘anchor’ product to her always looking great system – the must have item, the ultimate beauty key, the absolute answer to your best beauty every day.

Start with your hair color and use Jill’s Swatch Book to choose the exact shades of color that all work together. Without this exclusive tool our wardrobe and make-up can be fragmented – a contrasting hit of color here….a shade that doesn’t work with another there….we all know that feeling!

Take your Swatch Book on any and every shopping adventure – when you buy a t-shirt at $9 in the perfect shade for you, you score big time! If you’re investing in a great pantsuit for work or evening wear, Jill’s Swatch Book is the definite guide to making exactly the right color decision!

Jill's unique approach to working with color has won her the nickname of “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue.” Creating customized consultations and programs to meet the needs of both corporate and private clients, Jill has consulted with thousands of women (and men!) around the world including Red Carpet celebrities, Grammy winning musicians, actors, news anchors and business leaders.

Jill’s parents worked in New York – in the heart of the fashion district, offering Jill first hand the essential elements of style, the value of first impressions, and how important that combination is in relation to personal and professional confidence and success. While acting in film, television and theatre in both New York and Los Angeles, Jill discovered the key that became the heartbeat of her business… color…. and how to use it to enhance, not detract.

This vast experience in the entertainment industry gave Jill an extraordinary insight into the winning elements that bring a dynamic first and lasting impression. Jill then founded her own company, The Color Company, providing services that range from one-on-one consultations and couple makeovers to color parties and corporate events. She provides her clients with an easy to use swatch book that takes the “hit or miss” out of shopping. The swatch book is filled with pieces of fabric that define a palette of hues specific for each person. For her female clients, Jill has developed a make-up system that that includes blushes, eye shadows, lipsticks, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, lip liner and a set of make-up brushes that allow her clients to enjoy immediate and exceptional results.

According to Jill, “Everyone can wear most every color, it just depends on its hue. The wrong shade can result in a friend saying ‘you need a vacation’ while the right shade can brighten your appearance so drastically that it looks like you just came back from one! ”

Named the “Best Color Consultant” by Los Angeles Magazine’s Best of LA Issue, she has also been featured in InStyle Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Woman's World Magazine, Valley Magazine, The Daily News, Movieline, LA Weekly, Entertainment Today, The Latest and Backstage West. The success of The Color Company and Jill Kirsh Color has propelled Jill into new local as well as national arenas, with featured television appearances including NEWYORKLIVE (NBC), ABC7 News, Your LA (KNBC), LXTV 1st Look, Better TV, The Other Half (NBC), KTLA Morning News, KCAL’s All About You, Smart Solutions (HGTV), Life Moments (NBC), Soap Talk (SOAPNET), and Starting Over (NBC). In addition, radio audiences have heard her on The Peter Tilden Show (KABC) and KFWB News Radio. She has been the featured guest consultant in leading retail outlets and has contributed her services to benefit Dress 4 Success and The Fulfillment Fund.

Jill adds, “My clients don’t have to opt for an ‘Extreme Makeover’, yet they can be ‘extremely’ made-over with my incredible Jill Kirsh Color system.”





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