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What are the best colors for you?


Jill, you and your color products are so fabulous! I carry my swatchbook everywhere. My make-up kit is a godsend- I was just interviewed on TV and it was a no brainer to grab my make-up and go - it looked perfect on camera, and it was wonderful not to have to worry about it at all. Thank you, thank you!  CM, Actress

I am getting more compliments than ever and this proves to me that this system really works. CW, Writer

I feel like I've been given the keys to the kingdom! AB, Legal Secretary

I've been playing with the make-up and it`s fabulous. The new colors look great on my eyes, lips and face. BA, Actress

My swatch book lives in my car. I take it shopping, when I get a fitting, when I'm on a photo shoot and on the set. It's incredibly helpful and a great conversation starter! JH, Actress




I used to hate to get dressed in the morning. Now I look forward to it! CW, Filmmaker

I feel like a million bucks when I wear your make-up, because I feel so relaxed, confident I look great! PC, Singer

When I went from being a blonde to a redhead, I knew I needed help changing my wardrobe and make-up. I`m now a blissful devotee of Jill Kirsh Color. I`m a new woman! My clothes mix and match easily thanks to the swatch book I carry with me 24/7. My make-up flatters and shopping is a breeze. Thanks a million. LI, Massage Therapist

My boyfriend and I had so much fun shopping and playing with my color palette all week. It makes shopping so easy!! CR, Pilates Trainer




I always notice a difference in response from people when I`m wearing my colors. All I have to do is put on a color from my palette, and all of a sudden, even people that see me every day are like, “WOW! You look beautiful today!” TG, Teacher

It works – it`s easy – it`s great! NF, Editor

You go everywhere with that little swatch book to make sure you get just your right shade of color. It`s so easy. And then, just like it`s promised, everything in your closet works together. You always know you will look great in whatever you pull out. People will tell you, “You look younger, what have you done?” CS, Writer

No longer will I be dreary and dull but the color of my outfits will reflect the brightness of my soul. LM, Actress

I have never had so many compliments on how great I look (even from strangers). I`ve had people turn around to give me a second look! It`s amazing! BW, Producer



What you`ve done for me is amazing. In my opinion, it`s close to priceless. QS, Pilates Trainer

The response to my new make-up was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Old friends and acquaintances are looking at me with new eyes and are really seeing me for the first time. MO, Actress

Thanks for everything. What a difference you have made! JG, News Correspondent

Wish you could have heard all the comments I got yesterday. It was amazing. How much fun for me to do something different after all these years of being the same old me. RG, Hospital Administrator

This make-up kit is fantastic and I never, ever leave home without my personalized swatch book. Thanks, Jill! You`re a true color guru! AD, Teacher




I am getting more compliments than ever and this proves to me that this system really works. CW, Writer

I looked gorgeous all day long. I have to bow down to you. Thank you so much. It makes all the difference in the world. Thank you so much! JD, Stuntwoman

I felt like I looked younger and for the first time, I felt pretty. Thank you so much for bringing some ‘youth’ to my life and the confidence I have been lacking for so long. MD, Mother

My boyfriend even noticed a new look. He said I looked refreshed and vibrant! All due to your make-up. I cannot thank you enough for helping me enhance my life. SI, Chef

For the past 10 years, Jill`s swatches travel with me everywhere…that way I can always be confident that what I purchase will blend with everything else in my wardrobe. Easy and foolproof. As a person who loves color, I can play around with any combination and never hit a wrong note. Getting dressed has never been so much fun. The compliments I receive are proof enough! DJ, Actress



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